welcome to Jordan.

Jordan, you have won our hearts completely! We got warmly welcomed, met some of the finest people, shared a huge amount of laughs and saw some of the most surreal landscapes. From the breathtaking deserts of Wadi Rum, to a salt sea at the lowest point on earth, to impressive ancient monuments, to narrow canyons flowing with seasonal water, to green oases of palm trees and colorful reefs at the Red Sea. Jordan is an overwhelming explosion of creation's beauty!! \\ Psalm 148

The hospitality and generosity we've been shown was truly impressive and inspiring. Let us also be a little more generous with what we have (which is a lot), spread a little more love and be a little less prejudiced towards the people around us.

Also, I am thankful to have shared these countless adventures and memories with my little lion sister. ♡

When you're visiting Jordan you should totally check these out (super lovely people):

Rum Stars Camp
Wadi Dana Eco-Camp
Syrian Palace Restaurant